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How to?

What price will I get for my gold at Viaticum?

viaticum_cena_zlata_2.jpg The company Viaticum will buy your gold at the most advantageous conditions. You can follow current price of gold at the world market in our “current graph” on our website. In the module “purity”, we bring you overview of current prices for the most augmented purities which the company will pay you for your gold, in given moment.

Cash money for gold- immediately

The company Viaticum will pay for your gold immediately and in cash. When counting value of your gold, we come out from current price of gold at the world market which is displayed also by our “current graph”. We will buy your gold from you at the most advantageous conditions in region”.
We come out from current price of gold (the world market) at stating buying price of your gold. This price is displayed also by our “current graph” in given moment (price at the world market).

How to contact us?

You can contact us at following telephone number for further information: 0903 110 875, or via e-mail: viaticum(at)
We look forward to your visit at the address: Nákovná 25, Bratislava 821 06

Do we buy also other metals and rare stones?

No, at the company Viaticum, we will buy from you only gold which is cleared of any (rare) stones. No other rare metals are bought by the company Viaticum.

How will you count price of your gold?

You will need to know weight and purity of your gold to be able to count via our calculator the price you will get for your gold at Viaticum. After putting these data and pressing the button “Recount”, the calculator will count the price you will be paid by the company Viaticum for your gold at given moment.
Important - the price is continuously updated depending on progress of price at the world market. Therefore it is highly probable that the price for specific weight and purity will be different in few minutes (or ten seconds). Only current price at given moment is taken into consideration at the moment of sales.


viaticum_vip_zona.jpg (Displayed price is the price you will get at Viaticum). Based on weight and purity of your gold, you can count exact price via our “calculator” which you will get from us at that moment (final price = price for your gold at Viaticum).
Important – we buy gold based on our analysis of purity of your gold and current price at the world market (at given moment – at the moment of visit of our branch, e.g.

Determining the purity of gold

Don't you know how to determine purity of your gold? Never mind, we, at the company Viaticum, will set purity of your gold via the most modern spectrometers for free of charge.
Important – determining the purity is for free in case this will be followed by transaction between a seller and the company Viaticum. In other case, there will be charge according to current pricelist. Gold might be fused at determining purity. Non-recurring change of shape of your gold is logically related to this operation.

Viaticum VIP zone - over 1 kg of pure gold

If you dispose of amount of equal or larger than 1 kilograms of pure gold (ergo 24-carates = 999,9 g/1 kg) we dare to offer you conditions of our VIP zone. It is possible to agree on these via telephone in advance at following number +421 (0) 904 243 497

Which gold will we buy from you?

We will buy your gold at the most advantageous conditions in any of its forms- it can be fractional gold, gold coins, investment sow or any other form.

What does our graph show?

Our “current graph” shows current price of gold at the world market (source:; graph is updated automatically). In contrary to module of “purity”, there is shown current price which will be paid to you from Viaticum for these most frequent purities. You can count the price of your gold based on its weight and purity via our “calculator”. Alike module “purity”, the calculator will count the price which you would get from Viaticum at that moment.